Bus Service Provision

Martin Abrams made this Freedom of Information request to Somerset County Council


Dear Somerset County Council,

I hereby submit this Freedom of Information request for the following facts and figures regarding bus and public transport provision in Somerset. We are gathering this information as part of the Save Our Buses campaign. We know that the Government has made very deep cuts to local authority budgets and that local authorities have been struggling to keep their bus networks intact while finding savings. What we want to gather is a national picture of bus cuts, so that we can explain to central Government exactly
how their decisions are likely to impact the country.

We would be grateful for clarification on the following points:
•What is Somerset County Council’s total budget for supported bus services in 2013/14?
•What is the budget for supported bus services as a percentage of the total transport Budget?
•How many and which supported routes have had cuts in services in the fiscal year 2013/14 (for example loss of weekend or evening services)?
•How many and which supported routes have been completely withdrawn in the fiscal year 2013/14?
•What changes have been made to non-statutory concessionary fare schemes in the fiscal year 2013/14?
Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Yours faithfully,
Martin Abrams




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