You deserve a pay rise – fair pay in local government

0345-localgovpayxmas11-15151Did you know that the number of public sector workers on low wages has doubled to more than one million under this government?

A three year pay freeze and a 1 per cent cap on pay has seen your pay shrink by a massive 18 per cent.  But while you struggle to make ends meet pay at the top has soared by 14 per cent and now our MPs look set get a £7,600 pay hike. Fair? We don’t think so.

Unite is fighting for fair pay in local government – the NJC joint trade union side has agreed the pay claim for 2014/15. We’re calling for £1 more an hour across all pay spines. It’s time to pay up.

£1 more an hour would give half a million workers a living wage and go some way to ending low pay and poverty wages in local government.

But we need our local government members to join the fight for fair pay. Get involved today.

Here’s an action to get you started:

Email Sir Merrick Cockell, the chairman of the LGA – the text is written you just need to click submit., visit the Unite web page.

Or you can ask him to support our pay claim on twitter @Sir_MRC

Check out our website for more actions and important facts to help you win fair pay

Fiona Farmer
National officer


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