Public Questions – Cabinet – 11 December 2013 (The Pluss Organisation – Transfer of Ownership. )



Public Questions – Cabinet – 11 December 2013


For Cabinet on 11 December UNITE asked a series of questions in relation to Item 6, Paper B – The Pluss Organisation – Transfer of Ownership.


Cllr Lawrence responded verbally to the questions at Cabinet and I am subsequently following this up with a written response. Please see below:


1.    What pension scheme is it envisaged that the employees can access?

Employees will be auto enrolled into the companies group personal pension scheme (GPPS), full details of this are available on request.

2.    Will the pension scheme be broadly comparable?

The GPPS is a defined contribution scheme which offers matching of employee contributions up to 6% and a 4x salary ‘death in service’ benefit.

3.    What discussions have taken place with the other Local Authorities in respect of the pension scheme(s)?

Pluss have been meeting representatives of all four local authorities on a regular basis for over twelve months to discuss the proposal to cease membership of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS). All four are supportive of the compelling business case made by PLUSS with respect to this proposal, which will ensure a sustainable and viable business going forward.

4.    Has this type of proposal (re LGPS) occurred elsewhere when trading with Social Enterprises?


We are anecdotally aware of a small number of admitted bodies of local government pensions schemes ceasing membership of the LGPS.


Note also that Pluss is consulting with its recognised trade unions through its JCC on the proposal to cease membership of the LGPS. A number of meetings have taken place since 1 October and these are on-going. Managers have held numerous meetings with staff and a regular questions and answer sheet is sent to staff which responds to issues raised through a variety of forums.


I hope this provides you with sufficient information in relation to this process however please let me know if you require any further information.


Yours sincerely

Martin Young

Strategic Manager – Finance Strategy/Adults &Health



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