End the cost of living crisis




Whose recovery? End the cost of living crisis

The coalition’s cost of living crisis is strangling households across Britain. The much ‘heralded’ recovery is passing ordinary people by as energy and food costs outstrip wages while housing costs soar.
Independent research for Unite shows three quarters of people are cutting back on spending as the siege on wages continues. Two thirds of working people have seen their disposable incomes shrink over the last six months by an average of £129 a month begging the question – whose recovery is it?
As growth is funnelled into the pockets of the wealthy, low pay is on the rise. It’s time to end the wage siege and put money in people’s pockets with an immediate increase in the minimum wage of £1.50 per hour. Soaring rents, a lack of affordable housing and the government’s hated bedroom tax are hitting families. We need action to bring rents under control and for more affordable homes to be built. Help us end the cost of living crisis, Unite wants to hear from you. If you are affected then share your story to strengthen the call for a boost to the minimum wage, action on soaring fuel bills and an end to the housing crisis. Please take the Unite survey below on how the cost of living crisis has affected you

Complete our survey on the cost of living crisis




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