First draft Questions for SCC( MTFP – Medium Term Financial Plan)‏



Q.1 Relates to Spending Power



Shows in the spending power summary link (row230, R436 Somerset 14-15 tab) that the CLG estimate of reduction in spending power is -1.8% (£361.799m for 13-14 compared with £355.366m 14-15 a reduction of £6.464m).



a) How does the CLG figure relate to the provisional budget figures contained in the MTFP papers? 


b) Are the reductions in the CLG figures distributed in a similar proportion in the MTFP figures?


c) Section 4.25 of the draft Cabinet report identifies a MTFP “saving” of £10.181m – why is this figure different from the figure mentioned above?


d) How much of the reductions are “savings” (same service reduced budget) and/or “cuts” (less services less budget)?


Q.2 Council Tax Freeze Grant

a) What would be the increase in funds available for public services if there was a 1% or 2% increase in Council Tax (CTAX)?


b) What has the cumulative income/shortfall been since the application of the CTAX freeze grant and the freeze in Council Tax relative to a 1% increase in CTAX per financial year (and 2%)? What is the projected comparison for 14-15?


Q.3 Use of Reserves


a) Can the use of reserves be supplied by service area and year since the application of the issues raised in Q.2 b)?


b) Can the ratio of reserves to (each financial year) budget be supplied for the same periods mentioned in Q.2 (Forecast and Outturn)?


Q.4 Relates to (so-called) “Bed-blocking”


Has a model or assessment been constructed/formulated that tracks the consequences and implications of “savings”/”cuts” across the public sector (Health/Local Government/ Social Sevices/Children and Young People Services/Welfare/Housing)?





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