Cabinet Questions Learning Disability Service (5th February 2014)‏



Q.1 Option 1 could have included an In – House Service Improvement Plan rather than “As is” (or Status Quo)?


a)     If the In House service is not attracting young people then why can’t the service be reconfigured (redesigned) now to take account of this “limitation”?

b)     Why will a Social Enterprise (SE) and partner be able to do it differently/better?

c)      Why are the “processes to raise money and make investment decisions within local government…too slow” to respond to service users needs? Can this be evidenced (with comparators)?

d)     What are the “market needs” (Paper A, A4-Option 1)?


Q.2 Relates to TUPE (and Secondment) if Option 2 is explored further?


a) Will TUPE Plus (Builds on TUPE rights whereby it is included in the contract with a guarantee that there will be no deterioration in terms and

conditions during the life of…

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