response to UNITE question to Full Council on the 19th February.

 Relates to the MTFP 30% cuts in Finance and Performance and Business Development for 2015/16.


a. What assumptions have been made for this level of reduction in expenditure and services?


In essence the Council will need to find savings of around 30% over the MTFP period and therefore Finance and Performance and Business Development services need to adjust to the reduced funding available. There will be fewer activities provided by the Council and therefore a smaller support service to those activities.


b. Will these “savings” appear as “expenditure” in contractual payments elsewhere, i.e. public funds transferred to the private sector? How will the transfer of funds (externalisation) be monitored and mapped?


No, this will not be the case. If anything, it will be the reverse. In legal services, our aim is to spend less with external firms and more in-house in partnership with other local authorities giving us more resilience and in house capacity.  In the majority of other service areas, it will simply be a case of not needing as many staff to support the organisation and there will not be a displacement to the private sector.


c. Have the risks of projected externalisation(s) been incorporated into the service plans “going forward” (and modelled realistically)?


Service plans for 14/15 and the next two years are being drafted at present and will reflect the risks presented by projected externalisations


d. How will these “savings” improve public service delivery?


They may not improve public service delivery. They will however be taken only after careful consideration of the impact and whether the Council can realise these savings at the proposed time.


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