The UK Living Wage map: Where work won’t pay a living wage

Across the UK, around five million people get paid less than the living wage, around one in five workers, but there’s a lot of variation depending on where you live. Official figures from the House of Commons Library show that in some parts of the country, nearly half of jobs pay below the living wage of £7.65 (£8.80 in London), whilst in others it’s just 5%.

Here’s a heatmap (using Pete Warden’s excellent OpenHeatMap) that shows how the blackspots and brightspots for low paid work fall across the country, and how extending the living wage will be a vital way of tackling the growing problem of in-work poverty across Britain.

A banner promoting Fair Pay Fortnight: Two weeks of events highlighting Britain's cost of living crisis, from 24 March to 6 April 2014. Find out more at


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