Latest Information about Southwest One from a County Council Perspective


We recently enquired about the latest savings position (and expected/forecast savings). We received a Freedom of Information reply as follows:


Q1.) Can you supply the latest savings figures (for SCC) from the Southwest One contract up to the end of the financial year?

A1.) The savings projected to arise out of the Procurement Transformation Contract  formed part of the main SWo contract. The Procurement Transformation Contract  ended in 31/03/2013. From this date there was no further output from this contract, which was focussed on the identification, delivery and monitoring of savings arising out of proposals made by both parties within the construct of that contract.

Therefore we do not hold the information you are requesting. However, a similar request was made during January 2013 and a response is available on the Authority website at this link: (also attached for convenience).



Q2.) And provide a year on year comparison (taking account of the UC changes and contractual service reductions)?


A2.) Because the Southwest One contract is set up to deliver a range of services at an agreed price, there is no direct opportunity from which the Authority can achieve year on year savings. Therefore we do not hold the information requested.







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