What is Unite doing at Somerset County Council?!


What is Unite doing at Somerset County Council?!
We want SCC to keep services in house with Service Improvement Plans (SIPs)
Unite believes services are best delivered directly by the dedicated and well trained workforce in Somerset. We believe that our public services should be open and  transparent and democratically controlled and accountable to the taxpayer and
residents who fund them.
We meet the employer along with other recognised trade unions in Somerset to negotiate policies and endeavour to look after the best interests of the workforce and wider community. We lobby the elected councillors and ask public questions in the Council meetings (see our blog for Questions and Answers!)

Outsourcing frequently leads to higher costs for services, which can lead to a poorer quality of service or increased costs for the taxpayer. Outsourced services are less open and transparent, there is less job security, poorer pay, pensions and other terms
and conditions for staff. Profits, or surpluses as they are sometimes known may not be reinvested in the service. Board members of private concerns are also bound by law to act in the best interests of the company, not the customers or service users.
The big issues at the moment are the future of Support Services for Education (SSE), the future of the Learning Disability Services (LDPS), restructuring in Children’s Centres and the post Ofsted inspection work in Child Protection following a poor rating.
In SSE we need to make sure the service is organised in a way that maximizes Council and School involvement as well as parents, children and the school workforce.

We are campaigning for this – please join in. A joint venture with the private sector is not the best way!
In LDPS the move towards a Social Enterprise (SE) is still privatisation. In one council where the LD service became a SE the employer proposed to cut pay by 10% – which led to an Industrial Action ballot.


The more we challenge and propose constructive alternatives the better for all service users, council tax payers and local democracy. It is your council too!


Join in Unite’s campaigning work for a better and fairer society! Telephone 020 7611 2500 or visit

Your Unite representative in County Hall is – Nigel Behan, Telephone 01823 359453 mob 07580066822, email unite@somerset.gov.uk.
Blog: https://unitesomersetcounty.wordpress.com

Join Unite today! Telephone 020 7611 2500 or visit http://www.unitetheunion.org


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