Local government workers fair pay Tell your local councillors why you support local government workers having a decent pay rise!

Cameron - minimum wage employer11-19898

ocal government workers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland took industrial action on 10 July for fair pay.

From 1 October the national minimum wage increased, making local government officially a minimum wage employer. This is a disgrace. The joint trade unions – Unite, Unison and GMB – will then be taking a further 24 hours of industrial action on 14 October .

We want proper negotiations and a decent pay offer for fair pay for all local government workers who work hard helping our communities.

Take Action NOW!

  1. Email your local councillors – use our simple online tool below. It takes just 30 seconds and you can get your friends and family to do it too! Start by entering your postcode. 
  2. Get your council to tell the employers to negotiate properly – if you are a workplace rep this is crucial. There is a briefing to help you in this.
  3. Organise in your workplace for the 14 October 24 hours of industrial action.
  4. Let’s follow up our industrial action by making the TUC demo Britain Needs a Pay Rise on Saturday 18 October as big as possible – local government needs a pay rise. You can get more details on the demo and Unite transport



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