UNITE’S PUBLIC QUESTIONS County Council 19.11.14


Q1 Agenda Item 9 Requisitioned Items 1. One Place One Budget

a)    How will “One Place One Budget” deliver better public services, reverse decades of centralisation and revitalise UK democracy?

b)    Does “One Place One Budget” naturally lead to a Unitary Authority approach across Somerset to reduce management overheads and duplication?

c)    Trade Unions believe that directly delivered public services under the control and management of democratic local authorities is the best model. How will “One Place One Budget” ensure that public services are accountable and open?

http://www1.somerset.gov.uk/council/meetings/reports.asp?item=1168 (Item 9 – requisitioned item)

Q2 Support Services for Education (SSE)

We support the main recommendation for Cabinet to Retain Support Services for Education within the democratic and accountable control of this Council as the Best Value option.

The recommendation supports the Trade Union response to this project that we support a plan to improve the efficiency and innovation within the in-house service. Will the Leader and Cabinet support the proposed Service Improvement and Innovation Plan with funding on an Invest to Save basis, where, for example, IT and process improvements are identified?

The Trade Unions I believe will welcome a model that directly involves Schools, SCC, Students and parents, Professional Associations and the formal recognition in the recommendations that this is the Best Value option for the service users, Somerset Taxpayers and the dedicated staff involved.

We believe that a fully supported Service Improvement and Innovation Plan will lead to this service continuing to demonstrate Best Value now and into the future.

 http://www1.somerset.gov.uk/council/meetings/reports.asp?item=1196 (Agenda item 11A 11B and 11C)

Here is the Scrutiny link – Paper 11A (11B & 11C)


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