The Scrutiny for Policies and People Committee


(Scrutiny for Policies and People Committee – 21 November 2014)
The Scrutiny for Policies and People Committee
Summary of outcomes from the meeting of the Scrutiny for Policies and People Committee
held on Friday 21 November 2014 at 10am in the Luttrell Room, County Hall, Taunton.
Minutes of the meeting held on 24 October 2014 – agenda item 3 Action
The Committee agreed the minutes of this meeting were accurate.
Public Question Time – agenda item 4 Action
Mr Nigel Behan of Unite had provided four written questions regarding
item 11 on the agenda, which were discussed at that point.
Scrutiny for Policies and People Committee Work Programme –
agenda item 5
The Committee considered their Scrutiny work programme, including how
best to scrutinise the various aspects of services for Older People. The
Committee agreed to invite NHS England to attend a future meeting
regarding GP contracts and also to receive a further update on the Care
Jamie Jackson
Ophthalmology at Musgrove Park Hospital – agenda item 6 Action
The Committee received an update from the Director of Nursing and
Governance at Musgrove Park Hospital about the Vanguard
Ophthalmology Contract and problems with cataract procedures in May.
The Committee requested access to the final investigation report, which
had been referenced in the Director’s response to questions raised by the
Committee in October. The Committee also requested a further update
from the Hospital Trust for their meeting in February 2015.
Carol Dight,
Musgrove Park
Extra Care Housing – agenda item 7 Action
The committee considered and discussed this stakeholder feedback
report, after an introduction for the Strategic Commissioning Manager,
which showed some important principles for consideration for the second
phase of consultation on Extra Care Housing.
Members highlighted the benefits of continuity of care and support and
the need to re-assure existing service users and requested these issues
be addressed within the formal consultation process.
Gareth O’Rourke
Primary Care Out Of Hours and NHS 111 Services – agenda item 8 Action
The Committee considered and discussed this further update report from
the Somerset CCG and heard that their Governing Board was about to
announce the selection of a preferred bidder for each of the two services.
Later in the meeting the Committee received details of the CCG press
release that Northern Doctors had been selected for both services, with


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