Public Question Time (PQT) – Audit Committee 15.01.15‏


Q1 Relates to Paper D – Risk Management Update

(Item 8

Reference ORG0037 “Adult Social Care: Non delivery of statutory functions and legal obligations in relation to the care of adults in the local population”

a)    What actions are planned to move the current risk rating 20 (red) to the controlled rating of 9 (yellow)?

b)    What is the target date?

Q2 Relates to Paper D – Risk Management Update

Reference ORG0025 “Our decision-making cumulatively increases inequality”

How will the current risk rating reduce from 16 (red) to the controlled rating 9 (yellow) by the target date of 30/03/2015?

Q3 Relates to the Joint Venture Company – Southwest One

What involvement and influence does the Audit Committee have in the future of services currently provided by Southwest One as the 10 year contract with IBM ends in 2017?

Q4 Relates to the recently published Consultation Summary of the Code of Audit Practice (Final draft Code of Audit Practice published) by the National Audit Office (NAO)

“A number of audit firms responding to the consultation highlighted the importance of the auditor being able to determine the extent of work required to fulfil their statutory responsibilities and that their judgement on this should not be subject to, or fettered by, fee restrictions or other constraints. We agree with this view and believe that the Code is clear on this important point.” Does the Audit Committee agree with the National Audit Office?


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