replies to UNITE’s Questions at HRPC 4.12.14‏


Q1 Will the remit be extended to cover wider issues than terms and conditions (future of local government, Education, Health and Social Care and other public services changes (legislative and policies etc.)) as the County Consultative Conference (CCC) covered these bigger issues?

A1: As with CCC, the HR Policy Forum (working title) agendas will allow for items which cover a wide range of employment related issues which are likely to be of common interest to unions and elected members.

Q2 Will agenda items go to the Joint Negotiating Forum (JNF) prior to submission to the HR Policy Committee?

A2: This is not currently the case because we need to avoid duplication of agenda items. The same principle will apply to the business brought to the HR Policy Forum.

Q3 Will the Trade Unions be able to submit agenda items for discussion?

A3: Yes. Agendas for HR Policy Forum will be agreed, as with CCC, through Joint Secretaries and Director of HR and OD.

Q4 Will the committee accept one Trade Union representative as a formal committee member with voting rights?

A4: As with CCC, HR Policy Forum meeting will be purely a consultative forum. There will be no need for any representative to have voting rights.


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