No Vote No Voice campaign


Coming to register your VOTE – register in minutes

The #NoVoteNoVoice bus will criss-cross England (and Cardiff!) this March to help get Britain’s millions of missing voters registered and ready to vote in the 7 May general election. (check out the flyer for details)

Get on board to register your vote– we’ve got the tech on board to help you register online, there and then, in minutes. All you need bring is your National Insurance number (you can find it on your pay slip or log into My Unite)

Changes to the way we register to vote means that around a million people have fallen off the electoral roll. Many won’t even know! That’s why we’re going on the road, but we need your help to spread the word.

Register online in minutes go to NOW. You will need your National Insurance number!

But we don’t just need you to register we need your friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues registered too. So get talking and get people registered and voting.

Get in touch: We would like to help you start a voter registration campaign in your workplace. Speak to us about getting a supply of materials or tell us what you are planning to do: Email Chantal and Colin.

Read Hope not Hate’s excellent One million and counting briefing for the full facts

What can you do?

Be a workplace voter registration champion:

  • Promote Unite’s drive to get 1 million people registered to vote in the 7 May general election
    Use Unite’s Vote booster tool to register people online in your workplace. Link here: VOTEBOOSTERIt only takes 5 minutes. You need your national insurance number! Find it on your payslip.
  • Get active in your workplace – speak to your colleagues about why their vote matters. Put up aposter. Hand out Unite’s flyer. Read the GUIDE for top tips on what to say
  • Print off some voter registration forms here and leave them in your workplace
  • Get on Twitter and Facebook using hashtag #NoVoteNoVoice. Share your actions and pictures on social media

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