Request to speak at Audit Committee Thursday 26th March 2015‏


Q1 Paper E Item No 9 (Draft Annual Report of the Audit Committee 2014/15)

Proposes to “review of key “Lessons Learnt” themes around the South West One contract and how arrangements could be improved in the future…”

Can the review include?

i)             The recently reported discussions between Avon & Somerset Police and Wiltshire Police.

ii)            The recently proposed creation of a first IBM Service Centre in Leicester?

iii)           The Commissioning “model” that SCC “uses “?

iv)           More shared services with local and neighbouring Local Authorities?

v)            How Service Users, Council Taxpayers, Citizens, Community groups and Staff/Trade Unions will be informed and consulted?

Q2 Taunton Deane Borough Council will be are discussing Southwest One Succession Planning at the Corporate Scrutiny Committee this evening.

Item 10 (

a)    Will the review, as the TDBC report indicates, also include further analysis of the existing SAP system?

b)    Can the AC make similar recommendations to the TDBC Executive summary “In advance of the expiry date, the Council needs to assess its options in relation to its future aspirations, manage stakeholder expectations and decide how it intends to deliver the services post SWO. The Council also needs to decide its future technology requirements and specifically whether the SAP system continues to meet these needs.”

Q3 Will there be joint working with Taunton Deane Borough Council/West Somerset Council for the Southwest One exit strategy?

Q4 Will there be joint IT (for sharing) in County Hall when TDBC relocate?


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