McCluskey: Tory election machine ‘churns out fear and division’


Speaking at the Unions Together Rally this evening (Monday 27 April) in London, the leader of Unite, Len McCluskey will contrast the Tory’s campaign of fear and division with the Labour Party’s message of hope, warning that David Cameron’s mantra of ‘let us finish the job’ should strike fear into decent people everywhere.

Addressing trade unionists and Labour activists, Len McCluskey will say: “Our nation stands on the brink of change. In 10 days the people will cast their vote. They will pass their judgement on the last five years of Tory Coalition, on the Labour party and on Ed Miliband – as our leader – and our next prime minister.

“It is their votes that will decide the path our country follows. And make no mistake these paths are set poles apart. The 2015 general election offers two distinct visions. Tory fear versus Labour hope.

“Lynton Crosby’s Tory party campaign has nothing to offer decent people. Over five years in government they have sought to wreak division. Pitting public sector against private, the disabled against the able-bodied, and don’t forget those anti-immigrant “Go Home” ad-vans driving round some of the most diverse parts of our capital city.

“The Tory election machine churns out fear and division.”

Attacking the Tory’s record and warning of allowing David Cameron to ‘finish the job’ he will go on to say: “Just look at the Tory’s record. On the one thing they cared about most – the deficit. This government has failed.

“So now they come to us and say: Let us `finish the job’! Let us `finish the job’, perhaps the scariest words in the English language.

“It would mean in another five years; Our NHS would be gone, social security – gone, workers’ rights – gone, housing – join the never-ending queue. Decent jobs – who are you kidding?

“But, the last 5 years have been good for some. Britain’s richest are still getting richer, millionaires have had their taxes cut and there are now more billionaires than ever!

“All whilst the living standards of ordinary people have taken their biggest tumble since Victoria was on the throne. This government has failed to give credible answers to the key problems facing ordinary people.”

He will go on to say the Conservative message of fear is in stark contrast with Labour, saying he is proud that the Labour party is on working people’s side, saying: “Labour is on our side fighting to hang onto what generations have toiled for – our schools, hospitals, homes, our communities.

“The Tory party may have the millions, but it is Labour that has the millions of people”

“When Labour talks the language of working people, when it speaks to their hopes and dreams, when it voices their worries and concerns, that is when Labour is at its best!

“Ed Miliband and the Labour party have put hope back on the agenda. Now we have 10 days to tell as many people as we can.

“To win people to our cause, to enthuse the change our country needs. To say loud and clear: “reject fear, embrace hope, and vote for change.”


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