Cabinet 29.06.15 – Request to Speak at Public Question Time‏



Item 9 Core Council Programme Update (Paper C)


Somerset Skills and Learning (SS&L) – proposed Community Interest Company (CIC) – Social Enterprise (SE)


Q1 Will the proposed SS&L CIC still operate using Public Funds? Broadly/mainly


Q2 a Will the SS&L CIC be subject to the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA)? No


Q2 b If not, can Scrutiny recommend that it is (Included in Schedule 1 FOIA) covered by the Act? No


Future of Southwest One


Q3 Will Southwest One services (and SAP) be included in the Core Council Programme? No


Q4 Will this Scrutiny Committee be involved in the evidence based review of Southwest One and consider and recommend options (succession planning)? Yes



Q1 If the SS&L Community Interest Company will not be subject to the Freedom of Information Act how will transparency and accountability be maximised to ensure there is no dilution of current public access to information?


Q2 How will citizens, elected councillors, electors, service users and other interested community and voluntary organisations be involved in the succession planning for the Southwest One Joint Venture with Avon and Somerset Police and Taunton Deane Borough Council?


Q3 Agenda Item 11Medium Term Financial Plan – Planning Approach )



“Q3 a) Will SCC be lobbying the Chancellor (leading up to and beyond the Emergency Budget – under the Fairer Funding for Somerset banner) for the Revenue Support Grant (“RSG assumed cessation brought forward” paragraph 2.2) to be protected and maintained ?


b)   Paragraph 3.5 states “There are two other areas the Council will review and both are cross cutting – Transport and Support Services. Although savings have been made across these services over the last few years, these remain areas that must be

reviewed to ensure their strategic direction is understood. Support services in particular are struggling to keep pace with service demands upon them whilst the authority maintains its current size and therefore must review what it provides to services, including members.”


Will the review of support services include the emerging business case to replace Southwest One and update the Lessons Learnt reports about Southwest One?



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