8-14 February 2016 – ❤Unions week of action. Celebrating all that is great about trade unions.


Somerset County Branch celebrates trade unions with Big Workplace Meeting event

As part of Hearts Union week, the Branch held a workplace meeting today which was very well attended. The country-wide video defending trade unions, presented by Frances O’Grady and Eddy Izzard, discussed the Trade Union Bill and the threat to workers’ rights by this government. This was followed by a lively discussion, and awareness of trade unions in the community and the workplace was the key point raised. Everyone was encouraged to write to their MPs about the devastating effect of the Trade Union Bill if passed.(www.somersetcountyunison.org)


What the Conservatives are calling the Trade Union bill is in a reality a threat to all of our rights at work. If it becomes law it will make the lives of all working people a lot tougher, giving a green light to bad bosses to behave badly by undermining the right to strike.

The government want to,

  • Place extreme and severe restrictions on the right to strike
  • Strangle the most powerful way you have of protecting your rights at work – your union – in red tape and costs 
  • Silence voices and stifle protest and picketing – for example, having to tell your employer what you’ll post on Facebook two weeks in advance or whether you intend to carry a banner or loudspeaker.
  • Trade Union Bill campaign page_0

The result?

Every single one of us will have fewer rights at work, and less power in the workplace as the government stacks the scales against you.

However badly an employer may behave they will know that the government is on their side, not yours.

This is threat to all our rights at work; the safety of the rights we have now, and the rights we are still fighting for, such as ending zero hours contracts.

To stop this attack on your union needs all of us to take action!

Email your MP to keep the pressure on – it takes just 30 seconds!

– See more at: http://www.unitetheunion.org/campaigning/no-to-the-trade-union-bill/#sthash.OiuiTFB1.dpuf

If it wasnt for my union11-23828

This government is determined to shift the balance of power in the workplace in favour of employers, and get the Trade Union Bill through Parliament with as little scrutiny as possible. We must not let them get away with it. 

It is essential that we keep up the pressure as the Bill enters its critical House of Lords stage.

The House of Lords committee and report stages (happening during February and March 2016) are the best chance to secure changes to the Trade union bill.

We need to keep the Bill at the front of politicians and journalists’ minds and to remind people why unions are so important.

From the 8th to 14th of February the TUC will run a special week of activities throughout England and Wales to showcase the amazing work unions do. This will provide a way to increase the involvement of you as union members in the campaign, build awareness of the Trade Union Bill and tell positive union stories to the wider public.

More information will be provided over the coming weeks at heartunions.org and we want as many of you to get involved as possible.

If you want to highlight the great work done by unions and reps where you work and live, please get in touch with Kathleen Christie at kchristie@tuc.org.uk

The Trade Union Bill has no place in a modern democracy. Only through coming together and showing our united strength will we be able defend our vital right to strike.

– Frances O’Grady, TUC General Secretary





The proposals in the trade union bill fundamentally undermine the right to strike in the UK. Withdraw the bill now.

Why is this important?

Daisy works for the Ritzy, a very profitable cinema that wasn’t paying staff enough to live on. As the cost of rent and bills went up but their pay didn’t, Daisy and her workmates couldn’t make ends meet. As their employer refused to listen to their concerns, they decided to take strike action as a last resort. It wasn’t easy, but they succeeded in winning a significant pay rise – making a huge difference to their daily lives.

The trade union bill currently going through Parliament threatens the basic right to strike. It will allow employers to bus in agency temps to break strikes, supposing of course that workers manage to get over major new voting and legal barriers to be allowed to hold a strike in the first place. It will bring in new restrictions on picketing and protests during strikes, and make it harder for unions in the public sector to recruit members and represent people who need them.

The right to strike is a last resort for ordinary workers when employers won’t listen. No-one wants to go on strike – and most disputes are settled long before it gets to that point. But it’s often crucial in bringing employers to the negotiating table. Threatening the right to strike tilts the balance in the workplace too far towards the employers. And that means ordinary workers like Daisy can’t defend their jobs or pay.

In a country where inequality, low pay and insecure employment are rising, the last thing we need is to restrict the rights of ordinary workers like Daisy to stand up for themselves. Please sign this to show your support and put pressure on David Cameron to think again.







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