Request to Speak at PQT: Somerset County Council Meeting Wednesday 17 February 2016





Q2 Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP)

DCLG-for-pagea) The DCLG last week stated that it is providing “additional” grant money (to that announced in December 2015) to some Local Authorities in the form of a “Rural Services Grant” and a “Transition Grant”.

This amounts to approximately £2.9m for SCC for 16/17, will this amount be used to reduce the overall cut of £11.9m identified for 2016/17 (Paper B Appendix C(v) Summary of Revenue “savings”)?


b) Will SCC use some of this money to prevent the proposed cut in bus subsidies (R16-009 Paper B Appendix C(v))?

 R16-009 Economic Communities Infrastructure Reduction in Supported Bus Services subsidies 1,618,000 (497,000) -30.72% 08/02/2016.

Q3 The Communities and Local Government Select Committee says Whitehall and local authorities must go further with devolution deals and engage with the public in devolution proposals.

Does The Council agree with the Select Committee that there should be public consultation and engagement at all stages of the devolution process and that it is not just about transferring power from national to local politicians but also about local communities?


Nigel Behan

UNITE Branch Sec at Somerset County Council



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