Request to Speak at Scrutiny Committee 29th June 2016 re The Future of the Learning Disability Provider Service (LDPS)


Q1 How much money will SCC be providing Dimensions Investment funding (Loans, Expenditure and Capital receipts) upfront in the early years of the proposed contract(s) and what is the purpose of the Investment?


Q2 Six years is a long time to “break even” on an Invest to Save basis?


  1. a) Who authorised the Invest to Save period?
  2. b) What happens if the savings are, like Southwest One (SW1), slower to be realised and less than forecast?


Q3 Will the Gateway Review look at inherent risks of a 6 year Invest to Save profile?


Q4 Why was the Invest to Save Investment available to the proposed Social Enterprise Vehicle (outsourcing) but not to the In House Service as part of an In House Improvement and Innovation Plan?


Q5 If Dimensions are a Social Enterprise Company and this is a Not-for-Profit Contract why is there so much use of Commercial Confidentiality applied to the Business Case?

Nigel Behan

Unite Branch Secretary


‘ How satisfied are the Scrutiny Committee that the SEV will be able to realise the desired outcomes of the original full business case and what have they seen to evidence this particularly as the majority of stakeholders consulted with wanted no change to service delivery?’


Adrian Welland UNISON


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