Somerset County Council 15th February 2017 -Questions on LDPS and Dimensions Uk Ltd


Copy of the Unite/ESSU statement on the proposal to
transfer 1200 staff to the Dimension s Uk Ltd Group and supplemental

Q1 The existing turnover rate of staff in LDPS is high at about 15%special-needs-students-clipart-1
and in the Autumn there were approximately 140 posts vacant.
Children’s Services has been rated “inadequate” for 3 years by Ofsted
and the service recovery has been blighted by staff turnover and
recruitment and retention problems. How does the Cabinet member for
Adults, this Council and the Director of Adult Social Services believe
the recruitment and retention of staff in LDPS will be improved by
proposals to drastically cut the pay, terms and conditions of the
staff after outsourcing and transfer to Dimensions UK Ltd.

Image result for outsourcing contract

Q2 Can we please have a list of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
that will be used to monitor the outsourcing contract after staff
transfer to Dimensions UK Ltd (which is currently proposed in just 6
week’s time)?

Where the KPIs are applicable to the In-House Service will they be baselined with the current In-House performance so that we can all see what better, worse or similar performance looks like if the outsource and staff transfer of this vital service to Dimensions UK Ltd proceeds?

Image result for jobs cuts council uk  public services clip art

Q3 How does the Council think this vital service to a vulnerable group
of people (more than “customers”) will be safely delivered if the
staff are demotivated and demoralised by these cuts to pay, terms and

Q4 Given there are County Council elections in May and there is a
possibility of a change in the Administration will the Council delay
any outsource with staff transfer of LDPS to Dimensions UK Ltd so that
a post-election review can take place?

Q5. Can the current agreement with Dimensions UK Ltd be set aside or cancelled?


a) Will SCC demand a commitment from Dimensions UK Ltd to keep day centres open and have a veto on the proposals to close them and intervene if service users, parents, carers, families demand it?

b) In the light of the the recent proposals from the outsourcing contractor (Dimensions Uk Ltd) will you please supply a copy of the updated Risk register and Issues Log?”


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