Full Council 30 Nov minutes



PQ5. Revenue Budget and MTFP From Mr Nigel Behan

Question 1 – The S151 Robustness and Adequacy Report (County Council February 2016) indicated that there were two main reserves created from Revenue (General and the Capital Fund) “Both reserves have been created from revenue sources of finance, so could be used for any purpose if required.”

a) What is the current General Reserve forecast for March 2017 (Original Forecast £15.425m)?

b) What is the forecast for the Capital Fund for March 2017 (balance at end of March 2016 £8m)?

c) Has all of the (mainly ring-fenced) Contingency Budget (£5.5m) been utilised/allocated and to where?

Question 2 – Reserves (from the Statement of Accounts)

i) Can a current estimate of actual reserves be provided (these are the Closing Balances of Total Useable Reserves for March 2016)

General Fund – Schools…………… 25.530

General Fund- Other  ….  21.010

Earmarked Reserves- set…

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