Scrutiny Adults and Health Committee 15 March – Questions on LDPS and Dimensions Uk Ltd


We attach a copy of the Unite/ESSU statement on the proposal to transfer 1200 staff to the Dimension s Uk Ltd Group and follow up Questions (these are the ones submitted to the County Council meeting on 15th February) to which we have not yet received written replies, so they are still relevant to Agenda Item 5 Learning Disability Provider Service Update – To receive a verbal report.

Q1 The existing turnover rate of staff in LDPS is high at about 15% b1a96d93af69ad06265c61296458db2aand in the Autumn there were approximately 140 posts vacant.
Children’s Services has been rated “inadequate” for 3 years by Ofsted and the service recovery has been blighted by staff turnover and recruitment and retention problems. How does the Cabinet member for Adults, this Council and the Director of Adult Social Services believe the recruitment and retention of staff in LDPS will be improved by proposals to drastically…

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