South West One – The Final Transition – and the lessons learned


By Allan Watton on January 11, 2017

SouthWest OneEnter a caption

The 1st December marked the end of almost a decade of partnership between Somerset County Council and IBM. This much discussed and questioned relationship which formed the collaborative entity Southwest One is now over, but the questions keep coming in its wake and are set to rumble on for some time.

Numerous audit reports have appeared on Somerset’s website which reportedly highlight that with the transfer of staff and IT assets may also come a variety of risks and uncertainties, including:

  • A lack of clarity over exactly what IT assets the council will now actually own.
  • The legitimacy of some software asset use has been called into question.
  • How much public money may have been wasted on software not used or not needed which could lead to fines from central government.
  • Questions have arisen as to whether hardware has been…

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