24 may 2017 ” The Future of the recently Transferred Learning Disability Provider Service (LDPS) to Dimensions UK Ltd (Discovery)”

Request to Speak at the Somerset County Council meeting 24th May 2017 – Shire Hall Taunton

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Please find enclosed some follow on Questions from the responses provided to the questions submitted to the 26thApril County Council meeting.


Question 1

a) Now that the service has transferred to Dimensions UK Ltd (– and the Social Enterprise Vehicle known as Discovery) will the contract(s) now be released into the public domain?

Image result for Freedom of Information  uk b) Do you know if the recent Freedom of Information request (to SCC) –  “Please supply all contractual details, “the contract” between Somerset County Council and Dimensions UK Ltd which led to the transfer of the In House Learning Disability Provider Service (LDPS) to the Social Enterprise Vehicle (SEV) – named as Discovery – on 1st April 2017”-  has been responded to and will the response be shared with Elected Members?

(“”Somerset County Council have delayed.
They have not replied to your FOI request A request for the Contract
between Somerset County Council and Dimensions UK Ltd for the
provision of services previously provided by the In House Learning
Provider Disability Service (LDPS) promptly, as normally required by
Click on the link below to send a message to Somerset County Council
reminding them to reply to your request.Image result for WhatDoTheyKnow
— the WhatDoTheyKnow team”””)


Question 2

What steps and measures have been taken to address the recruitment and retention problem identified and acknowledged recently, what monitoring information has been produced and will this information be put into the public domain (as anecdotally, there has been increased amount of well trained and experienced staff leaving the service)? Are the number of leavers, joiners, relief staff and agency staff now available on a monthly basis? If so, please release the information.

Image result for care workers somerset redundancies

Question 3

This relates to the responses to our Q7-Q10  https://unitesomersetcounty.wordpress.com/2017/05/21/26-april-2017-the-future-of-the-recently-transferred-learning-disability-provider-service-ldps-to-dimensions-uk-ltd-discovery/



The transformation costs shown at the 15th March Cabinet of £5.1m (from the July paper) presumably appeared in the original bid. However the press release on 10th March noted that:


“And a compensation fund set up by Cabinet members last year to offset any changes to pay and conditions, could be in line for an increase, thanks to extra financial flexibility as a result of the major social care funding announced by the Government in the budget on Wednesday.”


How much additional funding is available (above the £5.1m agreed with Dimensions UK Ltd last year) for the Compensation Fund as indicated in the press release?


Question 4

How much is the end of year (Quarter 4) “overspend” for the Learning Disability Provider Service (LDPS) – on the date of transferring the Service to Dimensions UK Ltd?

Can you release the totals costs (expenditure, movement of funds from reserves, staffing costs etc.) of running the LDPS in the 2016-2017 financial year?




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