Scrutiny for Policies, Adults and Health Committee. June 20th

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These Questions relate to the minutes of the Scrutiny meeting (29th March) and Agenda Item 9 (Scrutiny for Adults and Health Work Programme as at 13th June).


We also enclose the written responses to our questions at the County Council meeting (24th May) for context and background – since Councillors may not have seen it at this stage.


QUESTION 1            Relates to Agenda Item 3 (Minutes):

“21 Any other urgent items of business – Agenda Item 11

The Chairman thanked the Vice-Chairman and Community Governance

Officers for their support.

The Committee discussed the lessons learnt from the Committee meeting on

29 June 2016 and concluded that:

  • When Officers present they must use the microphone to ensure that they are recorded
  • The Committee must request written reports and have access to confidential papers before the meeting
  • The Committee did not have a full understanding of TUPE regulations.
  • The Committee was too easily reassured by Officers

Image result for TUPE regulations

The Committee discussed the importance of training for Members of Scrutiny



  1.  We support these conclusions – will they be rolled out (as Information, Advice and Guidance) to all Committees?
  2.  At the 15th March Cabinet meeting a previously confidential document was shown in the presentation about Transformation Costs including Compensation Fund, Equal Terms Buy Out etc. We previously indicated that Equal Terms Buy Out was a very unique, particularly in pre-TUPE transfer stages – so would it have been understandable if Councillors had not been fully informed at the time?
  3. Were the other bidders fully informed about these Transformation Costs (Compensation Fund and Equal Terms Buy Out etc.) -which appear to only have been used by Dimensions UK Ltd?


QUESTION 2     Item 9 Scrutiny Committee for Adults and Health Work Programme


When will the Dimensions Update (ex LDPS now Discovery) be included in the work programme? From reports received we believe it should be programmed for July this year?





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